Welcome to Learning LPN

Welcome to the Canadian LPN Learning Resources Network or LearningLPN.ca website. This is a complementary website to our very popular LearningNurse.org, which has been in operation for over six years.

Currently we are using this site for development of nursing e-learning resources. As well, we are using this website to host the the Licensed Practical Nurse Ethics Module, which is designed to standardize LPN ethics across the Canadian provinces and territories.

Please visit our Learning Nurse website for nursing quizzes, educational games and apps for all levels of the nursing profession, from nursing assistants to nurse practitioners and nursing educators. Learning Nurse has many other resources and useful links.

If you are interested in tools to manage your nurse learning and professional development activities, please visit our Nurse Learning Management System (NLMS) or MyLearningNurse.org website. This is a secure and independent site that allows you to keep track and manage the information on your continuing competence / education, professional development and other educational activities.

If you have any questions, or comments, about this LearningLPN website, please use the Contact Us form.

Thank you.

Russell Sawchuk

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